Saturday, June 5, 2010

5th Annual 48 Hour Reading Challenge Is Here!!!

Today is the day I begin the 48 hour reading challenge.  The idea is to read as many hours within a consecutive 48 hours as possible.  Head on over to Mother Readers site to sign up with Mr. Linky.
Then, begin reading and have fun.  You can find all of the rules at her site.  For every 5 hours of reading you may blog, etc. for one hour.  Good luck to all.  I am starting at 10:00 PM Friday and will end 10:00 PM Sunday.  I am hoping for 30 hours.  Don't know if I'll make it since I have a touch of a stomach bug.

I have chosen several books to get me started.  This will help me catch up on books I must review.  My tentative, and ecclectic book list  to start is:

1.  Leaving Gees Bend - Irene Latham  review
2.  Keeper - Kathi Appelt  review
3.  Ice Cold - Tess Gerritsen  review
4.  The Case of the Great Granny review
5.  The Souls of the Fire Dragon - John Wrieden review
6.  Unseen - Nancy Bush review

From here we'll see what hits my fancy.  I prefer to do more reading than blogging but we'll see.

Friday Night
Started at 10 PM stopped at 11:45 PM

Started at 5:30 stopped at 8:45 AM  feeling sick went back to bed
Started at 11 AM stopped at 3:30 PM  time for a swim with husband who was kind enough to bring me lunch at 1:00 so I could read and eat.
Started back at 5PM stopped at 8PM for another short swim with husband
Started reading again at 8:30 and finished the Souls of the Fire Dragon and its review.  Back to reading
Started reading Unseen by Nancy Bush.  Will read until 11 PM then go to bed.

Started reading Unseen again this morning at 9 AM.  Sleep seems to have helped, feeling good today.Just finished book and reveiw and am starting Ice Cold.  Will take a break later.
Stopped at 4 pm to run errands and fix supper.
Started reading again at 7:30  Finished reading Ice Cold and writing review at 9:10 
With only 40 minutes left I will end my challenge by writing my ending post and checking out what others have done throughout the challenge.


  1. You have a great list! Good luck with the challenge and feel better!

  2. 48 hours? Wow!! Good luck!
    I did 24 hours and that was rough.

  3. Hope you feel better. Happy reading!