Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ice Cold - Tess Gerritsen

Publisher: Ballantine Books, (July 7, 2010) 
Pages:  352
Genre:  Adult Thriller
Source:  Won copy from Goodreads

Tess Gerritsen has written a novel that has sent me in search of more of her works. 

Maura Isles is a pathologist away at a convention when she meets an old college mate, Doug.  She has dinner with him decides to take him up on an offer to go to a ski lodge with him, his thirteen year old daughter and two other friends.  This is unlike Maura.  She is the sensible type always planning things out.  Due to her current relationship with Daniel she has decided to join them and live vicariouly for a few days.  When they take a wrong turn and end up hiking to a place called "Kingdom Come" all of their lives are in danger.  An accident to one of the members of the party changes eveything.  When help doesn't come fast enough and Doug hasn't returned, Maura sets out to find help.  She is hit over the head and wakes up to find herself in the clutches of a sixteen year old boy who claims he has saved her life and that people think she is dead.  Maura's nightmare has just begun.  Her friends try to find her not believing she is actually dead.  The events constantly changed making the suspense rise to the highest levels.  When I thought things had finally been figured out Gerritsen had another twist to add.  Shed did the same thing with the ending leaving it open enough you had to wonder if another book would take it to the next step.  This was truly an awesome book.  I know several people who would really enjoy this and I can't wait to recommend it.

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