Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keeper: Kathi Appelt

Publisher:  Atheneum, May, 2010
Genre:  Realsitic Fiction with a hint of Fantasy
Source:  Received ARC from publisher in exchange for a review

I really enjoyd this book.  There are many stories that take place in this book that are intertwined.  On the day of the Blue Moon Signe starts her Crab Gumbo.  Earlier that morning Dogie had gone out and caught the crabs.  He is preparing to ask Signe to marry him.  Their neighbor, Mr. Beauchamp has awaited this for a long time.  His cyrus flowers only bloom on a blue moon.  Then Keeper ruins it all.  She believes the crabs have called to her to set them free.  Why does she believe them?  She has been told her mother was a mermaid who swam away when she was 3 year old and left her in the care of Signe.  When Signe leaves Keeper to run to the store, Keeper sets the crabs free.  In doing so she breaks Signe's bowl.  Signe is not happy and sends her to tell Dogie  she has released the crabs he had spent all morning catching.  On teh way to Dogie's she isn't watching her dog BD and he chases Mr. Beauchamps cat and all of his flowers go tumbling to the ground, smashing the pots.  She has runied everything.  That night she takes the carvings of merfold Mr. Beauchamp has made for her, her dog BD and sets out in Dogie's small boat to find her mother.  She has taken the carvings to offer up to the Mother of Merfolk.  Once again Keeper finds herself in trouble.  Not only that but she learns some truths about her mother.
There was a lot going on with this story.  I believe the age listed for this book (9-12), was based on the vocabulary.  I believe some of the  themes are more appropriate for an older group, middle grade to young adult.  I look forward to reading more by this author.  Maybe there is more to this story.  I would like to see a sequel.  Who knows.

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