Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nook vs Books

For Mother's Day/Anniversary my husband bought me a Nook.  I had always said I would not own an e-book because I love books.  I started doing some research and told my husband that if I got an e-reader it would be a Nook.  A couple of teachers at school have one and now I do as well.   I showed it to my students who instantly became panicked.  "What, You're not going to buy anymore books for your shelves?"
I assured them that I would still be just as addicted to buying hard copies. 

Here is what I like about my Nook.  Whenever we go on vacation I usually pack a suitcase that is all books.  I'm not talking one or two.  On a two week vacation I have been known to pack as many as 20 novels.  My husband loves to run when on vacation and I read. The Nook eliminates one suitcase.

Another thing I like about the Nook is the capacity to hold about 1500 books, play music and buy books right from the screen.  I buy books for my shelves at school.  My Nook is filling up with adult books.  I usually read YA but now I am finding some really great writers of adult novels that I like.  I keep them on my Nook and Middle grade/YA books on my shelves.

I have received e-books from other sources and I can put them on my Nook as well.  When I am in the pool or tub I still have a hard copy to read as my Nook is not compatible with water but it makes it so convenient for traveling, sitting in boring meetings. etc.

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  1. Came across your blog while surfing... and I'm going through the same dilemma. I really love the tangibility of a book. Being able to quickly turn back to another part of the novel I'm reading to "refresh" my memory is something that I don't know if I'll be able to do as easily with an e-reader. I also have to admit that I like *seeing* my bookcases/shelves fill up as my library grows between the wife and I. With all that said, your YA titles for students aside, do you envision yourself buying less and less physical books? Can you see the Nook actually taking the place of them in the long run?

    Between the current Kindle and Nook, I've decided on the Nook as well. From what I read on the rumor mill of Kindle 3, it should be a huge step up.