Friday, June 4, 2010

Virginia - Susan Hughes

Publisher:  Kids Can Press, March, 2010
Pages 288
Age:  YA
Source:  Received from Bostic Communications

Virginia was a strange book.  Once I started reading it I couldn't pt it down.  Imagine you have a neighbor who at one time was a friend and you haven't spent much time around them for a few years.  Then imagine they call you up and invite you over.  They have something to tell you.  Would you go?

Ivy has just received such a call from her neighbor Virginia.  When Virginia claims she has been visited by the angel Gabriel, Ivy suspects it has something to do with the new "secret" church Virginia's brother has started.  With the help of Virginia's brother Joe, Ivy sets out to help Virginia.

I grew up in a very strict and strong Christian home.  However the things that Virginia's brother was preaching didn't remind me of churches I attended.  It reminded me more of the churches David Koresh and other such people have created.

I felt sorry for the problems that were going on in Ivy's life, as well as all the garbage she was dealing with trying to help her friend.  The story is set up so the reader is left wondering if Ivy had truly received a visit from the angel Gabriel or was the stress of things she knew too much and this is how her mind handled it.   I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery.

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