Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Cursed by Michael Panckridge

Publisher: Black Dog, 2007

Pages: 277
Source: Received a review copy from the publisher
Genre: Middle Grade Adventure

From the back of the book:

The story of an invisible tribe – hidden deep in the Brazilian Rainforest
The story of the Light Society – which has vowed to rid the world of evil.
The story of Lewis Watt – a boy destined to meet both forces head – on.

And a letter that will change Lewis’s life forever.

Lewis Watts seems like an ordinary school boy. There is one difference. He and his mother both carry a curse from an African Tribe. His History teacher has worked hard from the day he was born to try to find a way to stop the curse. What is the curse? Lewis’ mother has disappeared, literally. She has become invisible. She explains it all in a letter to her son. When badly frightened he himself becomes invisible. Jonathon is there to help him understand and use the ability. In addition to this curse, Jonathon and Lewis are in trouble with the Light Crusaders. For centuries the Light Crusaders went around taking care of the evil in the world. Unfortunately the head of the organization has become greedy and evil himself. He will destroy everyone in his path to get at the secret of becoming invisible, even if it means destroying an entire African Village to get his hands on the secrets.

This was a book that once I started it I had to read until I had finished it. This is one I believe my students will really enjoy reading and I can’t wait to recommend it to them. They will be able to identify with some of the problems and feelings the students in the story have. I believe they will enjoy the small amount of fantasy that spices this adventure up. I believe this is one that even my most reluctant boy will read.

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