Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dracula In Love by Karen Essex

Publisher:  Double Day, August 2010
Pages:  384
Source:  Received complimentary copy from publisher
Genre:  Adult Fantasy
All opinions expressed in this review are mine.

The first words that come to mind as I read this book was sexual.  The plot seemed to be lacking in many areas. I found little in the way of romance between Mina and Dracula.  The sexual scenes were overdone and not in very good taste.  I felt as if the author was trying  to address too many issues in the name of history, such as, women's rights, psychiatry and asylums during the time period.  It set Mina up as a prim, proper and almost prudish woman whose best friends almost flaunted their looseness in her face.   I felt at times women were put down too much in the book.  I am aware of events and lifestyles during the Victorian period.
Growing up Dracula was one of my favorite characters.  The mix of evil seductive charm and charisma with the element of mystery is how I remembered him and this  made me pick up this book.  My earlier memories had no part in this book.  He almost seemed wimpy when he made his appearances.  I was very disappointed in this book.  I felt it had so much promise.

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