Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kindertransport by Olga Levy Drucker

Publisher:  Henry Holt and company, 1992
Pages:  146
Source:  Purchased
Genre:  MG Autobiography/WWI

Olga Levy Drucker was one of teh thousand children who were rescued from Nazi  Germany.  They were sent across the ocean to safety.  From the beginning descriptions in the book, one can tell that Olga's parents had money.  Then enter Hitler.  Jews everywhere lost their rights.  Many lost their lives.  This book is the true story of Olga's survival and the hardships she faced.  It is a story of perseverance and hope.  I am glad this is one of the books listed on our curriculum's reading circle list.  I will highly recommend it.  Maybe some of my students will look into this fascinating event that saved so many lives.


  1. This is truley a sad but inspiring autobiography.

  2. I'm glad that ollie went back with her parents! This a awesome book and teaches you many lessons! Highly recommend it! :)