Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stolen Children by Peg Kehret

Publisher:  Scholastic 2009
Pages:  165
Source:  My Shelves
Genre:  Middle Grade Mysteries

You know a book is well written when you find yourself interacting emotionally with the book and the characters.  Stolen Children is the story of a young girl, Amy who finds herself and the child she is babysitting kidnapped.  It is up to Amy to try to rescue them or at least send clues to the police.  It is up to her because she knows the kidnappers didn't plan for her to be in the picture.  She knows that they will kill her.  I read the book from cover to cover and found myself angry when people had the opportunity to help locate the kids and ignored things because they didn't want to get involved.  I myself would rather take the chance of making a mistake.
I like this author so much that I have several of her books on my shelves at school.  What follows is just a short list of some of them please check out Peg Kehret's website   for more of her books.

List:   Abduction,  Earthquake Terror, Cages, Escaping the Giant Wave, The Ghost's Grave, I'm Not Who You Think I Am, Nightmare Mountain

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