Monday, August 2, 2010

Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff

Publisher:  Scholastic, 2009
Pages:  164
Source:  My Shelves
Genre:  Middle Grade Mystery

Sam has been having nightmares that involve the number 11.  The problem with this is he is turning 11 in one day.  He has always been able to find his presents but this time is different.  The only place he hasn't looked is the attic.  He can't just walk in there.  The ladder to the attic is in his grandfather's room.  Sam decides to go up the drainpipe outside of his room.  What he finds is not his presents but the top part of a newspaper article with his picture.  He learns from the headlines that he was missing.  He needs to find out what the paper means, but to do that he has to find someone to read it to him.  Sam can't read, this is the opposite of the new girl Caroline who always has her nose stuck in a book.  She is determined not to make any friends.  When the two are assigned to work together on a class assignment Sam realizes he has someone to help him.  What he doesn't realize is that in the end he helps Caroline.  This was a great book with an emotional ending.  Either that or as my husband put it I am just getting sappy in my old age.  Either way I am glad one of my students asked me to order it and then read it first.  She was right, it was an awesome book.

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