Friday, August 27, 2010

Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now by Jean Blasiar

Publisher:  Charles River Press, July, 2008
Pages:  130
Source:  Copy from author for review
Genre:  Middle Grade Mystery

This is the second book in this mystery series.  It was the first book I had read.  It will definitely not be my last.  This was a simple, yet well written book.  It showcased two tweens, Emmy and TJ who are very curious about things that go on around their town.  In Emmy Budd, Don't Look Now,  Emmy finds herself involved in yet another mystery.  While waiting for her friend TJ at the movies she makes a discovery.  TJ is late and Emmy walks across the street to use the pay phone.  Inside she finds a note left by someone.  It reads, "Take change. Get drugs. Wait for Instructions."   Emmy keeps the note and walks back across the street.  When TJ shows up she points out the fact she is being watched.  She is sure is has something to do with the note.  She is also sure there is a mystery to be solved.  This seems to be confirmed when the pharmacy suddenly blows up in the middle of the night.  Now these two sleuths are on the trail collecting clues to figure out this mystery.  A clean, fun mystery for the tweens in your life.  I am proud to put this book on my shelf and call it a "good read".

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