Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Eyed-Cat by Paula Fox

Publisher:  Aladdin, 2000
Pages:  216
Source:  My shelves
Genre:  Middle Grades Realistic Fiction

For his 11th birthday Ned's uncle gives him a Daisy air-rifle. Ned's father, a preacher, doesn't approve of the gun and puts it away in the attic until Ned turns 14. Ned has always been respectful to his preacher father and his arthritic mother. He has never really been disobedient, until now. He sneaks up into the attic and brings the rifle down. He just wants to fire it once and then he will gladly put it away. He sees a shadow near the barn and shoots. As he turns to go in the house he sees a face at the window. Was it his father, who would know that Ned had disobeyed? Was it snoopy, sour Mrs. Scallop? Could it have possibly have been his mother? Ned slips back into the house and replaces the rifle. Later when he is at his neighbor's house helping out he sees a cat with only one eye. Ned is sure that he is responsible for the injury. As life happens around Ned the guilt builds up in him. Who does he tell and how will that help now?
I can't say this was one of my favorite books.  It was okay.  Would I recommend it to my students?  Yes.  I felt it drug a little and might not be as action packed as some of my students might like but I know from a historical perspective and from the side of the message it delivers it is an okay book.

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