Monday, August 9, 2010

Peeled by Joan Bauer

Publisher:  Putnam Juvenile, 2008
Pages:  265
Source:  My shelves
Genre:  Young Adult Mystery

Hildy Biddle is a sixteen year old junior at Banesville High. Her dream is to become a journalist and follow in her deceased father's footsteps. She lives in a small town in the heart of apple country. Lives revolve around apples and of course the Apple Blossom Festival. The biggest news so far for Hildy is the Apple Blossom Queen's sudden illness. That is until strange things are reported to be happening at the Old Ludlow Place, the towns own haunted house. Hildy doesn't believe things are as they seem and she sets out to find the truth. her biggest obstacle as she attempts this is the local paper "The Bee". When "The Core", the school paper is forced to close by the local paper, they create an underground newspaper. From here they find out the truth.

This is an excellent book for kids to read. It is a demonstration of how those in power can use the media to push forth their own agenda. I've enjoyed Joan Bauer's books and this is another example of good literature that I can recommend to my students. I have to say I really liked the cover and title. They went well together. When we read a story in the paper we must often peel away the layers to get to the truth of the story.

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