Saturday, August 28, 2010

Student Saturday

This is my first Student Saturday.  I am pleased to have a poem written by Joshua.  His summer reading assignment included reading a book.  He chose the book, "Canyons" by Gary Paulsen.  He informed me he had never had any training in writing poetry but he really felt like putting his heart into this and he did an awesome job.

Canyons a Poem  Written by Joshua

I went to the canyons and what did I see?
A boy about the same age as me
The Indian boy named Coyote Runs,
Ran into trouble with a gun.
A soldier told the boy a command,
But the boy could not understand.
I felt a bump I was right near it,
When I pulled it out of the ground I heard, “take me spirit”.
Taking the skull home with me,
Putting it where nobody else would see.
Growing curious as can be,
I take the skull to my biology teacher, Mr. Homesley.
Knowing the Indian boys past,
I have to take him to where he was last.
I’m putting the skull where it should be.
Not caring about my family.
My mother just called the cops.
Knowing now I can’t make any stops.
The skull talks and guides me,
Telling me where he wants to be.
The journey was rough not knowing where to turn,
But I did not stop until the skull was returned.
Now that my journey has come to an end,
I feel as though I have lost a friend.


  1. That's a really nice poem! I just read it to the WHOLE class. (Josh was in here and he said it was okay:)