Saturday, September 18, 2010

Held By God by Lori Phillips and Lynn Willers

Publisher:  CrossBooks, June 21, 2010
Pages:  264
Source:  Review copy received from authors
Genre:  Adult, Christian

This book really resonated with me.  It is the story of twin sister who suffer from a condition that causes their lungs to collapse.  It is the story of their mother who battled cancer.  Most importantly it is the story of a God who is with us through all of our trials.  We may cry out "Why?"  We may feel as if we have been abandoned.  At some point we as Christians step back and realize we have to put it all in God's hands and rely on him to carry away our troubles.  Page 183 started with Isaiah 40:28-31.  For me this was a passage that encouraged me.   One chapter was titled "Overrun by the Enemy.  This described how I have felt off and on for the last 3 years.  Over the last three years I had to have shoulder surgery, 5 eye surgeries, 4 treatments of bulging disks in my neck and back.  All of these required me to undergo anesthesia.  During the period of eye surgeries I broke my ankle, lost a sister and a father-in-law, suffered problems with the feet and knees that are requiring future surgeries, heart problems.  It seemed as if I would get good news about my health and then get slammed with something else.  Inside and at home I expressed my frustration and feelings of being targeted by Satan.  At work my co-workers saw me as a positive person who spoke of what God was doing and how he had saved my vision.  Just because we feel something doesn't mean we have to wallow in it.  I left work mid-day when my sister passed away.  That was to take care of my mother who lives with me.  I had to stay with her as she was unable to attend the funeral.  I returned the next day and walked into a meeting.  My principal wanted to know what I was doing there.  I told her I was where I needed to be.  I could not do anything about my sister, she was healed and in Heaven.  Silence fell around the table.  They checked on me all day to make sure I was not going to fall apart.  I cried inside.  But outside I gave God the glory for what he was doing supporting me.  That didn't mean I never got angry or upset.  We have to realize every time we get knocked down that God holds us close to him and heals us spiritually.  It doesn't matter that we yell and scream at him.
Lori Phillips and Lynn Willers have been through so much and yet they lean on God and give him the praise.  This book is one I will recommend to those who are suffering.  I found so much home in this book.  It was beautifully written and at times painful.  Their description of their time with their mother at home as she died reminded me of my father in the nursing home.  He'd had open heart surgery and stroked out.   Hospice was brought in to comfort him when death was imminent.  I was sad when he passed yet know he is singing in Heaven now.  At times this book felt heavy yet I know that this was what God wanted me to read.  It was a reminder of his goodness.  It was necessary as my youngest sister battles cancer.  She is slowly losing her fight.  It was necessary for me to read as I see my mother losing ground every day.  I needed it to remind me how precious the time we have with our loved ones are.  My mother lives with us and some days are harder than others.  But I know that we are held by God and that is a comfort.
Thanks to Lori and Lynn for writing this book and giving hope to all.  God has definitely used you and I pray that he will continue to hold you and bless you.

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