Thursday, October 28, 2010

Avalanche Dance by Ellen Schwartz

Publisher: Tundra Books
Pages: 192
Source: Review Copy from LibraryThing
Genre: Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

Gwen and Molly have been best friends forever. Then Molly starts hanging with the party crowd and they are no longer best friends. They've gone down two different paths. Gwen is involved in her dance. Suddenly she has the opportunity to attend 3 weeks of a wonderfully grueling workshop at the University of British Columbia. Because it is expensive she knows her mom will say no, so she decides to work on her dad first. Gwen never expected the argument with her father about the cost of the workshop, nor did she expect the avalanche they were both caught in. Molly had been partying with her "friends" until a freak accident caught a building owned by Gwen's parents on fire. Molly learned these kids were not her friends when they ran off and left her to get caught. Now she has to work for Gwen's parents for community service. This gives both girls an opportunity to re-examine their former friendship. This is a quick read and very engaging. I thought of my own daughter when she started dance in seventh grade. We started her with one class. Her instructor approached me about classes for the next year. Suddenly she wanted her in eight different classes. My daughter went to her dad and asked him to talk to me because she really wanted to be a dancer. I could so relate to some of the things Gwen did and said. I'm passing this to my daughter to read because I know she will enjoy this.

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