Monday, October 25, 2010

The Seventh Level by Jody Feldman

Publisher:  Greenwillow Books
Pages 304
Source:  Library
Genre:  Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

Travis Raines seems to always be in trouble.  Even when trying to do the right thing he gets into trouble.  One thing he wants more than anything else, is to be part of  "The Legend", a secret group in school that plans cool surprises for the students.  When he finds a blue envelop in his locker he is excited.  He is sure he is being tested for the secret society.  He must complete puzzles, tests, and do it all without getting into trouble or without letting anyone know.  He gets a plain blue envelope and a shiny blue envelope.  It seems that following the instructions in one always lands him in trouble.  He needs to figure out who to trust in this situation.  I laughed at his ability to get into trouble even while trying to do the right thing because I've seen my fair share of students like Travis.  They don't look for trouble, it just seems to follow them around.

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