Saturday, October 16, 2010

Student Saturday: The Potato Chip Puzzles by Eric Berlin

Publisher:  Puffin, 2010
Pages:  256
Genre:  Middle Grade, Mysteries

Today's review is by my student Nirali.  It is entered as she wrote it.

Winston Breen LOVES puzzles.  He has enjoyed them since he was younger.  One day in the middle of the last day of school, he is asked to go to the principal's office.  When he returns, he is very excited.  He immediately goes to tell his friends Mal and Jake the good news.  The school had been invited to Simon's Snack Foods for a puzzle contest (Winning School got a $50,000 prize).  Unfortunately, the trio has to go with one of the meanest teachers at Water Fredricks Junior High, Mr. Garvey (everyone calls him "mean" because he assigns homework on Fridays).  When the group gets to Potato Chip Factory, they see about 10 other school teams from around town.  When the contest begins, everything goes nice and and smoothly.  The teams go to different places in Glenville but soon teams start dropping out.  Everyone had the feeling there was a cheater on the loose, but who could it be?  Would anyone find out who the cheater was before he cheats his way into winning the grand prize?
I connected to this story by doing the puzzles the characters did.  By doing this I knew how hard the puzzles were.  I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone, but if you like puzzles, you will like this book more than others.  I thought this was one of the best books I ever read because it is very interesting and puzzling.

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