Saturday, October 2, 2010

Student Saturday: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

This weeks review is by my sixth grade student Emily.

The book takes place in Middle Earth and partly in the Shire and there are essentially two main characters, Mr. Bilbo Baggins {the Hobbit}, and Gandalf the Gray {magical Wizard}.  There are also thirteen Dwarves that follow Bilbo on his journey to bring down the Evil Dragon.

The book starts off in the shire.  All the hobbits are preparing to throw Bilbo a 130th birthday party bash.  As the party wears on into the night Bilbo prepares to give a speech.  As he is up on stage he magically slips on his ring and disappears in to thin air.  Everyone is astounded, they can't believe their eyes!  Bilbo then reappears in his cottage with Gandalf the Gray waiting for him.  Gandalf prepares him with all the materials he will need for his journey, and Bilbo slips off into the night.

As Bilbo is traveling he seldom meets up with Gandalf.  But then one early misty morning Gandalf appears and introduces him to thirteen Dwarfs.  As Bilbo hastily accepts his new traveling companions company, the take a short cut through the Mountains.  Late the next day they all get kidnapped by Goblins/Trolls!  Days pass by and then finally they all manage to escape the Goblins Grasp and Bolt off into the night.

Once they escape, Gandalf has them stop at a friend's house for a little rejuvenation.  While there, they are all treated like kings, it almost seems like a dream!  All dreams have to end someday, and soon they are sent out in to the Dark Forest to continue on their journey, but something goes terribly wrong.

While in the forest the group keeps seeing all these flashing, glimmering lights, they are so intriguing , soon no one can bear it any more. , we must follow the light!  As they venture deeper and deeper into the forest they soon realize something has gone terribly wrong.

As they find their way out of the forest (with some unexpected twists and turns), they come upon a small town that tells them how badly the dragon has been wreaking havoc on their homes and crops.  The group decides to camp out on the dragon's mountain for a few nights.  After some lonesome nights up on the cold, Frigate Mountain something happens that will change the town forever.

In my opinion I thought that this was an awesome book with a lot of mischievous twists and turns.  This is by far one of the best books I have read in my whole life!  Some connections I had with the book were adventure connections.  My family and I love to go on adventures to new places, and that is what the book is about!  Bilbo Baggins going on an adventure to an unknown land.  I would recommend this book to people who don't give up on a book, even if the beginning is slow.  I would also recommend it to fantasy lovers.  This was a great read.

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  1. Great review, Emily! I may show it to some of my readers who would like to read The Hobbit but are afraid that it might be long and boring.