Monday, October 25, 2010

Tortilla Sun by Jennifer Cervantes

Publisher:  Chronicle Books
Pages:  224 pages
Source:  Library
Genre:  Middle Grade Realistic Fiction

Izzy has just gotten settled into yet another new home.  While unpacking she comes across a baseball that had belonged to her father.  It has the words because...magic on it.  When she asks her mom about it her mom takes it away and puts it up.  Izzy gets the ball back out and then learns the next morning that her mother has received a grant to finish up her studies in Costa Rica.  She is sending Izzy to New Mexico to stay with her nana.  She is not thrilled about this.  However when she arrives she feels like she has stepped out of a time capsule into her nana's village.  During her stay there she learns to make tortillas while she learns about the father she never met and her mother won't talk about.  Her time there teachers her what family is all about and how love endures even when someone is gone.  This was a wonderful book and one I am proud to recommend to my school and have on my shelves.

(The opinions expressed here are mine and not those of the other panalists)

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