Saturday, October 30, 2010

Year of the Tiger by Alison Lloyd

Publisher:  Holiday House
Pages:  194
Source:  Library
Genre:  Middle Grade Historical Fiction

This story takes place during the Han Dynasty.  I thought back to the lessons we taught a few years ago on the building of the Great Wall of China and how excited those kids were to learn about it.  I believe they would really love this book.  The story is told in alternating chapters between Hu, a peasant boy and Ren a commander's son.  It shows the difference in the life of the privileged and the poor.  Hu's family has been performing for a living for years.  Money has been tight.  When soldiers enter their city to inspect and repair the breach in the Great Wall several things happen.  First of all Hu's father is taken to help repair the wall.  The commander who came with his son Ren has decided to hold an archer competition.  Hu wants to enter so that he can win the prize and help out the family.  Fate steps in and Ren and Hu meet.  Ren sees Hu practicing and wants him to help him learn to shoot better so he can enter the competition to try to earn his father's respect.  Ren overhears an evil plot and through a course of events both he and Hu find themselves in trouble they never expected.  Although the characters were not real the time period was.  There was a lot to learn about that time period.  It seems so elusive.

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