Thursday, November 18, 2010

Classic Starts

Classic Starts: Moby Dick - Kathleen Olmstead
Publisher:  Sterling
Pages:  160
Source:  purchased
Genre:  MG Adventure

Moby Dick is one of those timeless books that should be read at least once by everyone.  The Classic Starts version is retold by Kathleen Olmstead and is just as good as the original.  I can't wait to put it on my shelves because I believe it is something that they will really get into.   The story is told so well that the reader can invision the the story without the wonderful pictures that accompany it.  The language is simple enough that my lowest reader will be able to enjoy it.  This is the first "Classic Starts" book I have bought but I will definitely purchase more.

Classic Starts:  Great Expectations - Deanna  McFadden
Publisher:  Sterling
Pages:  152
Source:  Purchased
Genre:  MG Mystery

I had never read the original book.  However,  I did see the movie after it was made.  Why?  Because several scenes were shot at my favorite museum here in Florida.  They used John and Mable Ringlings house C a d' zan as part of the setting I was immediately enthralled with the story.  The fact that my first reading of it was through Classic Starts makes me realize how much I missed and how much my students will enjoy it.  I liked Pip very much.  He was a dreamer and wanted more for himself in a time when people were put into classes and usually didn't get out of their class.   He was a commoner, yet he was brought up very respectable.  Another great story to put on my shelves.

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