Friday, November 12, 2010

A Family's Journey Through Prayer - M. Diane Cressman

MD Publishing
90 pages
Source:  Received review copy from author
Genre:  Inspirational

M. Diane Cressman  has written a book that will resonate with many.  She tells of her children being injured and then God miraculously healing them.   She and her family lost jobs, had no food, didn't qualify for assistance and yet God was always there for her.

 I was reminded of an argument I'd had with my former mother-in-law.  She wanted me to bring the kids to her church.  I reminded her that I had my own church and when I had married her son I had been a member there.  She told me that it didn't matter where I went because children of my son's age (4) didn't know anything about Jesus.  I disagreed with her.  The next morning I was sent home from work sick as was my husband.  My son and two nieces were playing in the front yard being watched by their grandma and aunt.  I heard several screams.  A truck had run up in the yard and hit my son.  The ground was hard packed and you could see the tire track up my son's back and off his shoulder.  It wasn't just the mark on his shirt, he had a tire pattern bruise to his back.  I'll never forget he looked at his grandmother and put his hand on her lap and told her it was okay.  Then he asked her, "Didn't you see Jesus at my feet?  He was lifting up the truck."  All the protective tissue was scraped from his nerves in his back and they were smashed into a ball.  We were told that he would slowly lose the ability to walk.  That was 23 years ago and he is in the military.

This is a must read book for everyone.  It is a great reminder of who we serve and what he does for us daily.

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