Thursday, November 11, 2010

Finn Reeder Flu Fighter - Eric Stevens

Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Pages: 80
Source: Received copy from publisher
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Humor, Middle Grades

When the flu hits Flynn's school and the news announces there is a Flu pandemic, Finn's father panics. He makes Flynn wear a mask to school. He buys hasmat suits for them. When Finn's mother gets sick he is totally isolated. His father leaves his food outside the door and refuses to let him out except to go to school. The question you had to ask yourself was if all of this preparation would really protect Finn. I laughed at the father's antics and at the same time felt so sorry for Finn. I really enjoyed this book.

(The opinions expressed here are mine and not those of the other panalists)


  1. An interesting tale from the book about the flu. I can relate to that as there is a current health scare with the whooping cough.

  2. The book seems very interesting. I am sure that this one contains all the necessary information about flu. It will certainly give lessons to the public. Isolation may resolve the pandemic, but it is the responsibility that will save every citizen from this illness. By the way, I just want to share some of the common symptoms of flu that includes cough, fever, colds and even severe sore throat. If you have them, then visit your doctor for proper management.