Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nuts - Kacy Cook

Publisher:  Marshall Cavendish Children
Pages:  155
Source:  Review copy from publisher
Genre:  Middle Grades Realistic Fiction

This is a story all animal lovers will enjoy.  Eleven year old Nell and her two brothers rescue two squirrels who have somehow managed to fall from their nests.  Nell's mom and dad agree to let them keep them for a while so they can gain strength and learn to fend for themselves.  Nell contacts someone named Libby online.  Libby tells Nell she should take them to a wildlife rehabilitator.  Nell tells a few lies about why she can't do that and that she needs to leave her parents out of it.  We are taken on a journey of help and healing.  The first thing I was reminded of was a day when a baby screech owl fell from his nest hitting my son on the shoulder before he hit the ground.  We placed him back in the nest where a group of blue jays immediately attacked him and he once again fell from his nest.  At this point we picked him up with a towel and placed him in a box and called the bird sanctuary.  They came and got him and we were able to visit him at the sanctuary and watch his progress.  I hope that the students who read this will learn to love nature a little more and also learn they need to seek professional help in the event something like this happens.

(The opinions expressed here are mine and not those of the other panalists)

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