Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Ocean Bob -Brooks Olbrys

The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob (Vol.1): Blue Ocean Bob Discovers His Purpose
By Brooks Olbrys; Illustrated by Aleksandra Beaucher
ISBN: 978-0-9829613-0-8
Publisher: Children's Success Unlimited LLC
Date of publish: Nov 2010
Pages: 32

Blue Ocean Bob, is a boy who knows there is much more for him to accomplish in life so he sets off on a journey.  His friend Xena  the hummingbird goes with him as he travels the ocean and asks various sea animals what their secret to happiness  and  contentment in life is.  They advise him to find what he is most passionate about and to jump into it with everything he has.  It is then he realizes the thing he is most passionate about is protecting  the creatures in the sea and so he makes it his life’s dream to pursue.  This is a wonderful and motivational book that is great for any child (or adult).  Such a simple message told in such a beautiful way.

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