Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flush - Carl Hiaasen

We recently read the book Flush by Carl Hiaasen in our class.  I have chosen four student from the many and told them I will publish their review.  What follows are their words.  For some reasons my students really loved the word "poop".


Noah and Abbey lived with their parents in a small house.  His father really loved the environment and when Dusty Muleman, a man who owned a Marina boat had begun to dump sewage into the ocean, he sunk the boat.  The next minute his father was in jail and it was up to Noah to bust Dusty and make sure his father was proved right.  However the only people who could help him were his sister, a lady named Shelly and a drunk man by the name of Lice Peeking.  Will he be able to prove his father right, or will he get his family into more trouble?  Find out by reading this amazing book.  It will interest anyone from elementary through all of middle school  When I read this book it hit me how similar it was to Danny the Champion of the World.  He also had a dad who cared a lot about nature.  They were poor too!


Flush is one of my favorite books because it is funny, exciting, and it has adventure.  Flush starts with Paine getting in jail.  That meant that Noah had to go and visit his father.  This is where Noah decides to get help from Lice Peeking.  Soon Noah and Abbey meet Shelly (Lice's girl friend) and together they tried to come up with a plan to sink Dusty in jail.  But one problem came up, Paine escaped jail and Abbey went missing.  Luckily Abbey was found and more problems came up.  Paine went back to jail and Dusty kept on dumping more poop.  Now it was up to Abbey, Noah, and Shelly to find a way to sink dusty.  Now together they have found a way to sink Dusty.  One connection I have is that me and Noah almost never give up.  I recommend this to anyone who likes books about  excitement, adventure and fun or the bay which is where it takes place.


I really enjoyed reading this book.  Abbey is this girl that likes to chew people.  Noah is Abbey's brother that is trying to get more information about the Casino boat with Abbey.  Pane is their dad who is in jail for getting blamed for sinking the Coral Queen, Grandpa Bobby was their grandfather who got killed, or at least that's what the officers and detectives siad.  Noah, Abbey and Shelly are trying to bust Dusty Muleman and Jasper, Jr.  from dumping raw sewage water into the local beach which animals live and people swim.  But, now they can't swim and that's why Shelly, Abbey and Noah are trying to bust Dusty and Jasper, Jr. to save the animals.  Noah has a plan to flush this crook out into the open. (this is my favorite sentence in her review)  A plan that should sink the crooked little casino, once and for all.  That's what Noah wants to do.  Also Lice Peeking is this guy that doesn't have any hygiene and Shelly is a bartender.  This was a fun book to read.  I would recommend this book to kids and families from all over the world that want to stop people from polluting on the beaches and oceans.  My opinion was that I thought this book was going to be about kids and families to stop polluting.