Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Fourth Fisherman - Joe Kissack

Publisher:  Ezekiel 22 Productions

Pages:  193
Source:  Gift from a friend
Genre:  Adult Christian/Inspirational

The Fourth Fisherman


The New Yorker and GQ Magazine called this a story that, "No one has ever heard, told or imagined how incredible it could get." Men's Journal called it, "One of the most remarkable odysseys of survival ever recorded." Author, speaker, screenwriter and former movie studio executive, Joe Kissack, brings this incredible and inspiring odyssey story to life with THE FOURTH FISHERMAN: How Three Mexican Fishermen Came Back From The Dead Changed My Life And Saved My Marriage. It is the true story of Tres Pescadores (Three Fishermen) who were rescued near Australia, after drifting 5500 miles across the Pacific Ocean for 9 months in an 8 meter boat. They survived on "raw fish, rainwater and their faith in God." It is also Kissack's story and how his work, family, friendships, and marriage were rocked when he was called to tell their story of survival, faith, and hope. He was once as lost as they seemed to be, but could not resist the call.

My Review
Having it all, money, a career and anything else your heart desires is nothing if you have an empty spot that needs filling.  That hole began to fill with God's love with the telling of the story of three fishermen lost at sea for nine months.  Joe Kissack had to tell their story and in the process he found a faith like no other, and how much God is really there for us when we call upon him.

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  1. Sandra,
    Thank you for your review. I use to spend a lot of time in Sarasota. I love it there! I would love to make a trip down there and share this amazing story in person. Currently writing the sequel to The Fourth Fisherman and working on the film version of this story (which I wrote before the book!).

    Please let me know if there is some way I might be able to serve you, your friends and family, or your school or church.