Thursday, December 23, 2010

Powerless: The Synthesis - Jason Letts

 In Jason Lett's first book Powerless:  The Synthesis we are introduced to Mira who has been kept in a safe and secure world of her parents making.  The reason?  She has a sister somewhere out in the cruel world who was kidnapped as a child, and she has no special talent or power like the other children.  Something in her world changes and her parents realize they must let her choose her own path.  It is in choosing to enter the world that Mira finds her own type of power and builds friends and allies.

In the sequel Powerless:  The Shadowing   we watch as not only Mira, but her friends grow and develop their talents and knowledge.  From an early age they relied only on their talents to help them.  Mira did not have this advantage and had to rely on her wits.  Each child has set off to find a mentor who will help them develop their talent.  For Mira she finds the author of her beloved Science books, Flip Widget.  He puts her through grueling training that often makes you wonder if she will survive it. 
The one thing I really liked was the way this turned a little darker.  I'm told by my relatives that it is my warped side.  So be it.  It made the story more fascinating.  This book was told from multiple points of view as each child's story of developing their talent is told.  Once again Mr. Letts has left us hanging at just the right place.  At this point all I can say is hurry up with the next one.  This is a must read.

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