Friday, December 31, 2010

Read Into the New Year

When I saw this I thought, "What a wonderful idea, why didn't I think of this?"   Well the truth of the matter is, I read in the New Year Every Year.  My husband and I stay at home and watch the ball.  He's usually working on his computers and I'm reading.  I just don't really get into all of the party things going on, on the television.  I'd never thought of posting about it though.  I usually start a new book around 10 PM and then finish it in the new year and then it becomes my first review of the New Year.  So go over to Bookworming in the the 21st Century blog and sign up.  Join Kristen, and myself as we read in the New Year!


  1. Yay for joining me! :) The only time I don't read into the new year is if I am called upon to babysit.. but since I moved that really hasn't happened. I need to figure out what book I will read tonight. The hubby will probably be playing Fable III.

  2. Happy New Year, enjoy your books tonight and all year long!

  3. My husband and I stay home and watch the ball drop as well. I think this is a lovely idea! Happy New Year :)