Saturday, December 11, 2010

Student Saturday: A Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

Publisher:  Harper Collins, 1999
Pages:  162
Genre:  Middle Grade, Adventure

Student Reviewer is Tristan and this is his review as he wrote it.

The Baudelaire children's parents died i a fire while the children were playing at the beach and now they have to go to Count Olaf's house because he's their new guardian.  The Baudelaires hate Count Olaf so they hate every day with him.  He makes them work, like doing the dishes, making dinner and cleaning around the house.  The Baudelaires survive almost getting hit by a train, because mean old Count Olaf parked on the train tracks.  Violet and Klaus' smart thinking got them out of harms way.  They live with Count Olaf for a little bit before running away from him not knowing where their next destination will be.

This book is full of interesting characters.  Sunny Baudelaire likes to bite things.  violet likes to be an inventor and Klaus likes reading.  They are all geniuses.  Count Olaf likes to torture the children and try to steal the enormous amount of money the Baudelaire children's parents left behind for them. Thief!  I really enjoyed this book.

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