Sunday, January 16, 2011

Angry Young Man - Chris Lynch

Publisher:  Simon and Schusters
Pages:  178
Source:  Received ARC from Net Galley
Genre:  Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Read For:  What's in a Name Challenge
Alexander and Robert are brothers.  Alexander has grown up unable to really fit in with society in general. His brother sticks up for him, tries to keep him under control all the while tormenting him because he can.  Robert's dream is to become a P.E. Teacher.  He is surprised to find his brother auditing a course at the same community college he attends.  As his brother's behavior becomes even more strange he has to wonder about the class and the group his brother has gotten mixed up with.  Just how far will his angry young brother go?

This was a strange book.  It was just strange enough that I had to keep reading.  I would not say it was one of my favorite books but I did enjoy it.  It was better than I expected.  It took too long to get into it.  This is one definitely more for the older audience.

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