Saturday, January 15, 2011

Student Poetry Saturday

Death  by Ryan

The cold hand of Death waits around every corner,
 and outside of every door.
He has a horrid sight of putrid rotting flesh,
and the screeching silence that he creates.
His stench follows wherever he goes,
along with his sulfurous breath.
When he claims you for your end,
you taste the horrifying bone-dry taste,
that signifies you have joined him.

Dumpsters  by Jack

Dumpsters are horrendous
Everything that's bad
In an unholy box
Its putrid smell will leave you screaming
A blood curdling yell
A very homely sight
Might be quite a fright
A rough rusted outside
A jagged inside
Filled with bitter, rotten food
Formerly mouth watering
Now furry with mold
The horrid urban monster
Is nasty and old

Chocolate Strawberry  by Nirali

The Chocolate Strawberry stare at me like a dog begging for a treat.
I think about the savory taste which tastes like it is as fresh as a loaf of bread.
I am still staring at the chocolate Strawberry which looks as beautiful as a pear sitting in an oyster.
Finally I pick up the yummy looking strawberry as carefully as holding a precious diamond.
It feels as soft and smooth as a baby's skin.
It is so intoxicating I quickly take a bite of it.
I cannot get rid of the Chocolaty and juicy taste.  It is like it has be glued to my mind.
Now, I have stopped moving and I am still thinking about the sound of the crispy outside and soft inside.

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