Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Chasm: A Journey to the Edge of LIfe - Randy Alcorn

Publisher:  Multnomah Books (February 8, 2011)
Pages:  128
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher
Genre:  Christian Fiction/Allegory
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From the Back of the book:


He found himself a traveler in the strangest of lands. Where invisible secrets come starkly into sight. Where the fairest of companions lead the way into unsuspected danger and darkness. Where hidden battles burst into the open.  Where so much is grasped…and so much more seems unattainable.

Driven by a yearning he doesn’t understand, compelled toward a destination he can’t quite see, the traveler navigate the inhospitable landscape with determination and a flicker of something like hope—despite the obstacles that seem to unerringly block his path.

Best-selling novelist Randy Alcorn weaves a supernatural interplay of wills and motives, lusts and longings, love and sacrifice. It’s a potent mix that leaves every reader wondering:  Do I really understand this world I live in? Do I really understand myself? Is there more to all this than I’ve ever dared hope?

Not only did the book contain beautiful illustrations brought the message to life, but the message was made clear in this book.  The main character Nick represents everyone of us ­­­­who walks the earth.  Before me meet Christ we are unaware of the great chasm between us and our Lord.  It is a chasm that we created.  His death to save us was painted in such a way that we can’t help but understand what we must do to bridge the gap.  This book is one we don’t want to hold on to but one we need to pass on to help others who may be like Nick and unclear about how to bridge the gap and knows something is missing but just not sure how to fill that void.  This was an excellent book and one that must be passed on by word of mouth to others.

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