Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Chinese Conspiracy - John Mariotti

Publisher:  iUniverse
Pages:  404
Source:  Received copy for review
Genre:  Adult Thriller

I was intrigued by the question on the front of this book, "What happens when nothing works?"  I asked this question of my students last year and they really didn't think it was possible for something like this to happen.  Then again they were only 8th graders.  I found the information I gleaned from this realistic yet fictional book to be quite scary and disturbing.   Relations with China over recent years have been strained.  Many of the American jobs were outsourced to China.  Although this was a fictitious story of how a government tired of their government decides to take over  by shutting down world wide networks.  The fact that they had cells in the United States was terrifying.  Since 9/11 we've seen more and more terrorist cells popping up in the U.S.  I personally never considered cyber-terrorism.  I've heard of the viruses etc.  And to think that for me the though of identity theft over the Internet was scary.  People like me who are not real tech savvy will find this book to be an eye-opener.  I sat on the edge of my seat wondering how far these people would get before they were stopped or if they would be stopped.  I enjoyed this book.  I have a friend who will love this book and I will be passing it on to him.  I highly recommend this book

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