Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Secret Saturdays - Torrey Maldonado

Publisher – G.P. Putnam’s
Pages:  208
Genre:  Middle Grade/ Young Adult Realistic Fiction
 Source:  Review copy from author

Justin and Sean have been friends forever.  Sean has always had Justin’s back.  Instead of fighting with fists, Sean has always fought with words.  Lately something has been bothering Sean.  Lately his dissing has become mean and hateful.  He has begun using his fists.  Justin, Vanessa and Kyle are concerned. Then Justin and Kyle notice Sean and his mother sneaking out at night and no one knows where they are going or why.  Could this be the reason Sean has changed? 

Torrey Maldonado has crafted characters that are right on target.  By this I mean they are very believable.  As a teacher I see similar behavior all the time.  I’ve never taught in the type of school Maldonado has created for his characters.  I know they exist in larger areas around me.  I believe this is a book that should be in every school.  We have a bully program and I will be recommending it to those in charge of the program.  I am going to promote this book to all of my fellow teachers and my students.  This is one that must be read.  It has a message that is so important to our youth today.


  1. SkyLaar RhichordsonApril 3, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    Would you reccomend this book to a child that you think is going through the same thing ?

  2. Most definitely. I provided copies for our guidance counselors to loan to students for this very reason. I also keep copies on my shelves and recommend them to students. Many of them are going through the same thing.