Thursday, January 13, 2011

Student Poetry Friday

Pizza by Evan

As I walk in New York one thing catches my eye,
Saucy, steamy pizza stares back at me.
It says, "Hello!" as I walk by,
Those certain words just brighten my day.
I walk in the shop and say, "How do you do?"
and the pizza says, "Not much how about you?"
I ask the shop owner, "2 slices please!"
and he gave me that yellow, saucy pizza.
As I took it to the table,
I listened to the sound of the sizzling cheese.
I picked up that warm pizza and he said, "Here I go!"
Before I put him in my mouth I said goodbye,
and he said see ya soon (If you know what I mean)
He went in my mouth with grease slipping out,
and this is what I tasted.
That warm, cheesy, mushy pizza
with an ending of crunchy crust.
He went down my throat with an ease,
and I said, "You are delicious Mr. Cheese!"

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