Saturday, January 1, 2011

Student Saturday: Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

Publisher:  The Chicken House, 2007
Pages:  656
Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy

Student Reviewer is Pankti and this is her review as she has written it.

Meggie is a regular girl who lives with her dad and goes to school, when something horrible happens.  Her father gets captured.  He gets taken away and even finds Meggie's mom, but as they get back they realize this is only the beginning.  Someone is still after them ad before Meggie knows it she is in the Inkworld with her friend Farid.  her father, Mo and her Mother Resa are caught by an old enemy.  They are also now in the Inkworld and the evil woman named Mortola who has captured Resa so many times hurts Mo.  Resa stays with Mo but they are captured again.  This time by the evil Prince Adderhead.  As this news reaches Meggie who is with Farid and Dustfinger, she tires to go after them.  In her attempt she too gets captured.  Will things ever be the same?  Find out by reading Inkspell.

I would recommend this book to people who like action, horror and mystery.  My favorite part was the beginning and the end.  The end was very suspenseful.  This book was similar to another book I read where both main characters were very brave.  They were both sensible and had the same determination.  This story does not exceed all of my expectations.  I did not like this story as much as I enjoyed the first book but it wasn't bad.

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  1. This is another fantasy book so naturally I was intrigued. Fantasy books are my thing. I am also quite fond of mystery books. I naturally LOVE this book so I hope I win.-Saray (