Saturday, February 5, 2011

Student Saturday: No Talking by Andrew Clemens

Student Saturday is a day I post reviews written by other students.  The review that follows is written by Drew.

Dave Packer is a 5th grader who goes to Laketon Elementary School in New Jersey.  It is the first day of the new school year and DAve has decided that he's not going to talk today because he read in a book (for his Social Studies report) that once a week Gandhi didn't talk.  The school has one major issue that drives the teachers crazy and that is "TALKING".  Every 5th grade lunch period Mrs. Hiatt the principle brings a plastic red bullhorn to quiet students.  During his lunch he gets tired of the jibber jabber coming from another table that consists of Lynsey Burgess and some of her friends.  He finally challenges her and the rest of the girls to a no-talking contest, boys against girls.  It will feature the whole 5th grade and will last for 48 hours or 2 days.  The only tie that talking was allowed was when a teacher asked you a question.  The reply could only be a 3 word maximum.  Do you think you could handle not saying one word, to your friends or parents for 2 entire days?  Read this book to find out who wins, the "boys" or the "girls".

In my opinion, this story was hilarious.  It is a realistic fiction book that told a story about how a classic tale like boys against girls could be taken to new heights.  My connection with this story is when playing a sport, my friends and I play the same game of "boys against girls" if there are the same amount of girls and boys.  I also connect with this story because I have tried not to talk for a whole day, but can never get past the first hour before I eventually talk.  I recommend this story to anybody who likes a humor book, or a good contest.

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