Monday, April 11, 2011

The Ale Boy's Feast - Jeffrey Overstreet

Publisher:  Waterbrook
Pages:  400
Source: I received a review copy  from Waterbrook in exchange for my honest review.
Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy

Like the other three books in the series the writing was wonderful.  The world created is so wonderfully described the reader could almost step right into it.  ONce again an author has created a book full of Christian values without screaming "This is Christian Fiction".  The Seers of Bel Amica are still destroying the land using Deathweed.  The four books in this series has plot lines that meet and twist together.  However, I often felt confused because there were too many things going on at one time.  I would definitely read the first three books in the series so that you can get up to speed  Although this last book was not my favorite I would recommend the series to all who like fantasy and for those who like an element of Christianity in their fiction.  I know the first three books in this series have been checked out since I first put them there.  This will indeed be a great addition to my collection for my classroom.

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