Sunday, April 3, 2011

Deadly Ties - Vicki Hinze

Publisher:  Multnomah Books
Pages:  336
Genre:  Adult Christian Thriller
Source:  I received a copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review.

This is the sequel to the book “Forget Me Not”.  I would recommend you read that book if you have not yet read it.  It is not a requirement for understanding this book.  Shortly after Lisa’s father dies her mother marries Dutch Hauk.  He turns out to be abusive and lets it be known that he hates Lisa.  To protect her, Lisa’s mother sends her away, giving up custody.  This still doesn’t satisfy Dutch.  He hates her just as much.  He sees her as a threat.  He knows that one day she will come between him and her mother.  As she prepares to graduate he sets up a plan.  For years Lisa and her mother have been protected by Mark Taylor.  There are romantic sparks throughout between Lisa and Mark.  The themes of Love and trust and just feeling worthy of love run throughout the book.  Now here is where I tell you my thoughts.  I have read many reviews of this book.  Many believe it is somewhat realistic.  If you have money and a means you just get out right?  My sister has had two abusive husbands.  They find you.  Her first husband reminded me so much of Dutch.  She was fresh out of high school when they got married.  They had a landscape business.  On one of their trips up north he tried to kill her.  He shoved her out of a boat and held her under with a paddle.  His uncle stopped him.  He tried to tell him he was only playing.  My sister wanted to believe him.  He would not let her visit without being there and he would not leave her alone with anyone.  When she was finally finished with the abuse she left a message in the toilet paper holder and whispered it in my ear.  We waited until he left her alone in the motor home they lived in on his parents property.  We rushed in and started hauling her personal belongings out.  He returned and ran in.  I stood between her and him with a butcher knife.  We had to move because of the death threats and we had to involve the police because he kept trying to find out where we lived.  People like this don’t just give up unless they get help.  My sister felt she was not worthy of being loved by a “good man” and that is what led her to her second abusive husband.  He finally left her and ended up in prison.  To say that this story was somewhat unbelievable has to be based on your personal knowledge and background experiences.  I could not understand why my sister didn’t just leave these men.  I was not in her shoes and did not have the whole story.  I do know that it made her faith and trust in the Lord much stronger as in this story.  When you think there is no one to turn to you must turn to God.  I recommend this to all of my friends and look forward to the next book in the series.

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  1. I worked with victims of domestic violence so I do know that what most people tend to think of as domestic violence isn't real.

    Anyway, I'm participating the the Ted Dekker blog tour and wanted to see your review of The Priest's Graveyard! My review is up.