Monday, April 25, 2011

The Unbelievable Adventures of a German WWII War Bride – Ingeborg M. Johnston

Publisher:  BookSurge
Pages:  226
Source:  Received a copy from author
Genre:  Adult Memoir

Press Release:
New memoir traces journey of teenage nurse in Nazi Germany to American dream
Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German War Bride by Ingeborg M. Johnston tells of a young
woman’s escape from post-war Europe to becoming a respected American educator
WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. – The Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German Bride by Ingeborg M. Johnston
opens in the 1940s with the super-human struggles of a young teenage nurse in Berlin who survived the Nazi
Party build-up and the brutal Russian occupation of East Berlin with her family while behind the Berlin Wall.
While nursing injured civilians and German officers during the war, Johnston re-bandaged wounded soldiers at
railroad stations who were returning to the Russian front and worked in an emergency first aid station during
bombings. Johnston’s memoir includes heart-wrenching experiences such as holding a dying Mongolian forced
laborer in her arms while he bled to death and consoling a mother with a 2-year-old girl who seemed to be
sleeping but whose lungs had burst from an allied air bomb and was dead.
Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German War Bride takes readers through the unbelievable and dangerous
adventures of a family torn apart and reunited by war. Johnston recounts slipping across borders hidden in the
shovel locker of freight trains, smuggling drugs through Check Point Charlie to help her sick father and how she
came to marry an American and grew to love her adopted home. The book seeks to offer unique personal
perspectives of a woman who directly experienced war and the almost hopeless economic and cultural situations
forced upon her family and others.
“My family and friends often tell me that my life has been filled with unbelievable, inspirational adventures,”
says Johnston. “I’ve never been one to sit in the bleachers and watch the world go by. I look for adventures
suited to me to continue to give back to my adopted country.”
A firm believer that something good is always hidden in something bad, Johnston was inspired by personal
challenges caused by the 2008 economic downturn. This situation reminded her of the many struggles she faced
in her lifetime, so she began writing about them. The book was written to engage and inspire while showing the
value of kindness in all circumstances. She maintains that she is a “fierce American citizen” and her actions in
her new country prove her statement. “You are put on earth for a purpose and have the obligation to find that
purpose and carry it out to the best of your ability,” says Johnston.
The Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German Bride is available for sale online at and other

My Review:
Ingeborg M. Johnson has lived a full and adventurous life to say the least.  She starts out the book talking about running through the streets during bombings to get to the hospital where she worked.  She was willing to take this risk to help others.  This was the beginning of a life filled with adventure.  Because so many people helped her survive by deeds of kindness, she adopted that almost as a rule.    When she came to America she gave back to America the way others had given to her.  I am not as adventurous or a daredevil like Ingeborg but I hope to live my life to the fullest as she has lived hers.  There are so many wonderful stories or chapters to her life.  This is a book that I will keep on my shelf.  I will make sure I recommend it to my friends.

Go here to read the first chapter.

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