Sunday, April 17, 2011

Waterfall - Lisa Bergren

Publisher: David C. Cook
Pages: 384
Source: Received a copy from publisher
Genre: Young Adult, Adult, Christian Fantasy

Two sisters, Gabi age 17 and Lia age 15 are once again on an archaeological dig with their mother. They have spent almost every summer traipsing around these old digs. Their parents were experts in all things Etruscan. Not that their father is dead their mother feels she must carry on. It is at one of these sites that the girls break the rules. Before it has been checked out and documented Gabi and Lia enter a tomb and discover a set of handprints that fit their own. Once they touch the wall they find themselves thrust back through time to the medieval period. They are separated. GAbi the oldest lands in a tomb in the middle of a battle between the Forelli's and Paratores, two feuding houses. She is taken in by the Forelli's. she becomes a target for the Paratores who have her sister Lia prisoner. Gabi uses her fencing skills to help her use a sword to try to get her sister back. The story is full of historical details and information. The romance between Gabi and Marcello was not too unrealistic. It was not a love at first sight type of romance that we find in too many young adult books. This is also not an in your face religious book. Gabi never really thought about her religious beliefs until she landed back in time. Religion was very important to this time period. It makes her look at and question everything she has ever believed.
Look for Cascade June 1 and Torrent September 1.

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