Sunday, May 1, 2011

Books Read in April

Well it seems that April slipped by so quickly.  I had a reading goal of 300 books this year.  I was falling behind right from the start.  For the first time in my life, I can say I am not upset.  I re-adjusted the goal to 150.  At this time I have read 57 books toward that goal.  Do I expect to go over the 150 mark?  Probably.  I don't believe lowering my goal is a bad thing.  My priorities have changed.  It kills me not to be able to have more time to read.  Last year I read with my classes one day a week.  That was seven hours of reading.   This year I am teaching Language Arts, and they have core novels they must read, and little free time to read in class.  I hate not having that one day a week to read at school.  I could usually put away 2 - 5 books if my students were on task.
This is not the only reason I've not read or reviewed as many books.  I will have a special announcement this next week.  All will become clear Tuesday or Wednesday.  However, while you are awaiting that announcement, why don't you take time to check out some of the books I read last month.  They were all really great books.

1.    The Ghost of Cutler Creek - Cynthia DeFelice
2.    Bless this Mouse - Lois Lowry
3.    Deadly Ties - Vicki Hinze
4.    The Priest's Graveyard - Ted Dekker
5.    Kat Incorrigible - Stephanie Burgis
6.    The Source of All Things - Tracy Ross
7.    Voices Under Berlin - T.H.E. Hill
8.    Berlin in Early Cold-War Army Booklets - T.H.E. Hill
9.    The Dark City - Catherine Fisher
10.  People of the Book - Kathi Macias
11.  Anessia's Quest - Karen Arnpriester
12.  The Ale Boy's Feast - Jeffrey Overstreet
13.  Waterfall - Lisa Bergren
14.  This Little Prayer of Mine - Anthony DeStefano
15.  Buddy's Tail - K. Anne Russell
16.  The Stone of Destiny - Jim Ware
17.  The Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German War Bride - Ingeborg M. Johnston
18.  The Secret of Indigo Moon - G.P. Taylor


  1. Great selection of books!

  2. I just received a copy of The Unbelievable Adventures of a WWII German War Bride and I'm excited to read it. What did you think?