Monday, May 9, 2011

Chime - Franny Billingsley

Publisher:  Dial
Pages:  368
Source:  Received a copy from the publisher for review
Genre:  Young Adult, Fantasy

If you want to read something that is different and refreshing, then this is the book for you. The story takes place in the well thought out Swampsea, a land where the magical creatures of the Swamp exist. Briony and her twin sister Rose are the daughters of a pastor. Their stepmother has recently died. Rose has some mental challenges that Briony blames herself for. Why? Briony's stepmother consistenty told Briony that she was a witch and that she caused the accident that led to Rose's mental problems. Briony feels responsible for many things that happen in her little town. When an engineer comes to town to drain the swamp the Boggy Mun sends the swamp cough in response. Many children take ill and die. Briony feels she must do something to stop this because she can see and talk with the magical creatures that live in the swamp, even if it means confessing to being a witch. This would mean she would be hanged. She tries to convince the engineer's son Eldric to believe her. Eldric is in love with her but she has convinced herself that she can't cry and she can't love because she is a witch. She is willing to risk all to save her family and friends. 

This was a wonderfully strange book. Unlike many people who figure things out the first time, I thought, aha! Only to find out the author had taken a different turn with things. I loved the dark feel to the book. It gave it a strange kind of charm. The characters were unique and I loved them. This is a book that I can see myself re-reading and recommending to my friends.

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