Sunday, May 22, 2011

Extraordinary Giving - Daniel Evans

Genre:  Inspirational, Christian
Source:  Review copy from author
About the Book:
Ask yourself this question; am I really ready for the new and better, because it will change all that I am accustomed to? If you are ready, then you will have to trust God and be ready to move ahead with Him. The best thing about trusting Him is, He will never leave you behind. He will go with you through whatever you have to endure, because He wants the best for you. Cornelius looked beyond the normal of that day and believed God. A Jew having fellowship with a Gentile, much less entering into his house, was definitely not the norm for that day and time. If God said a Jew would come to him and enter his home, then Cornelius had no problem believing it would happen. Cornelius' praying and giving got him through his challenges to the new and better.
Giving is the heart of God. So crawl up into the Father’s lap, listen to His heart, and you will hear His heart say, ‘give!’ With the right motives, givers will produce givers. Spending time with God in prayer will produce the right motives. He will speak to you and if you are at the point spiritually to know His voice, He will share His will, His character, and His love with you. This will create the right motives in your heart.
 Giving has no limitations. If we take God out of the box, what do you think He could do through us in the form of giving? Our minds limit giving in the same way we limit God. Giving of love, possessions, money, time and mercy, is God in action through man. God is the ultimate giver! Practice extraordinary giving by praying and then listening for God's directions for your giving!
About the Author
Daniel W. Evans and his organization Divine Touch / Daniel Evans Ministries is an international organization that has a campus in Kothapeta, India and has on-going ministry partner efforts in China, Liberia, Kenya, Haiti and Romania. Daniel is the president and founder of Divine Touch and author of several books. The latest of these books are 'Your Guide to 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting' and 'Extraordinary Giving.' His international travels has included crusades to tens of thousands, pastors' conferences, church meetings, revivals and large community events. He is also an associate pastor at his church in the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. Daniel has traveled in many areas of the United States and has worked extensively in the local community through his home church. His anointed preaching and teaching has drawn many to the Father's heart through salvation, healing and revelation. He is a strong advocate of prayer and fasting and helping others in need as the Holy Spirit directs him. He has a series of 14 guides around the subject of prayer and fasting. Daniel is an author, pastor, evangelist, conference and keynote speaker, and a community leader. Since Daniel was called into the ministry in 1982 he has used whatever means the Lord made available to share his knowledge and revelation to the Body of Christ and to the lost. He has also given many extraordinary sermons and teachings over radio in several states and TV in North Carolina. He has thirty-one years of business experience as the founder of a successful family business and twenty-eight years of experience as an evangelist and a pastor. All of these years were shared together which has given him much experience with leadership skills and working with people. Now that Daniel is full-time in ministry he is sharing his leadership experience during his international travels and here in the states. His dynamic and motivational speaking style has attracted many to listen to his powerful sermons, informative teaching and inspirational keynote speaking. He teaches others how they can be enjoying life with purpose.
My Review
Most of us are willing to give to others, especially when we hear of a catastrophe such as an earthquake or tsunami.  How many of us are willing to give when our finances scream we don’t have it?  Giving when God directs us whether we believe the resources are there or not is allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us and not public opinion.  This is the way giving should be.  It is stepping out on faith.  I know when my first husband left me and my children we had to start from scratch.  Money was very tight because I was in my last semester of college and working 3 part-time jobs just to survive.  Our church was building a new sanctuary, and doing it the debt free way.  When we had collected enough money for the next phase then we built the next phase.  God was always on time with it.  One Sunday morning God nudged me to go forward with the money I had in my pocket.  It was all that I had for the rest of the month.  If I gave it I wouldn’t have food or money for the rest of my bills.  I sat as long as I could before I had to move.  I went forward and gave my money and prayed that God would take care of us.  That evening as I was putting the kids to bed my phone rang.  The person calling was a member of my church.  They were leaving out of town on an emergency and would be gone until the end of the month.  They had just purchased groceries and didn’t want them to go to waste.  They said they felt God telling them to donate them to me.  This is just one example of how God is good and faithful.  If he was willing to give the ultimate for us how can we refuse him the little he desire of us?
This is a must read.  Daniel is an awesome motivator filled with God’s spirit and doing exactly what God has set forth for him.  Teaching others how to practice Extraordinary Giving. 

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