Saturday, May 28, 2011

Student Saturday: The Egypt Game - Zilpha Keatley Snyder

I really enjoyed this book.  The characters in this book are Melanie, she is a person who likes to play games.  April is another girl and she is from Hollywood and she is more of a drama queen.  Once Melanie first meets April she is not sure if they will have anything in common, but one day April goes over to Melanie's house to play and when she finds a book that she likes she starts flipping through the pages and she realized that there are paper dolls in the book.  Melanie told her that these paper dolls are something that has to do with the game she plays.  After that April is interested in the game.  Melanie tells her she can play From right then and there Melanie knew that something between them was common.  Soon she discovered that they both loved anything to do with ancient Egypt.  One day they stumbled upon a deserted yard behind the A-Z Antiques & Curio Shop and they decided that it was the perfect spot to play the Egypt game.  Once they realized that school was going to start soon they started to feel nervous, but they didn't stop playing the Egypt game.  Before long a new girl moved into the same apartment building.  April wasn't sure if Elizabeth should be a part of the Egypt game because she didn't trust her.  April went to Melanie's and talked it over with her and they agreed that Elizabeth should be in the game.  From then on they all walked to school together  and then after school they would play the game.  Soon there were six "Egyptians".  After school and on weekends they would meet to wear costumes, hold ceremonies and work on their secret code.  Everyone else that's not playing the game thought it was just a regular game until strange things begin happening. The "Egyptians" wonder if the game has gone too far.  I really connected with this book because I like to play games.  I would recommend this book to kids or teachers, even parents who like mystery books.  My opinion about this book is that I absolutely loved this book because it gave me thoughts about how these kids really put their whole and I mean entire imagination into this "Egypt Game".


  1. The Egypt Game is one of my favorite middle grade books from my childhood. It's also by far my favorite book by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. I should probably do a re-read soon!

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