Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Different Kinds of Free - Jessica McCann

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books
Pages: 274
Genre: Historical Fiction
Source: Received a copy from publisher through NetGalley

I love history.  I am always amazed when an author can bring something new to the table to make me say, “wait a minute, I didn’t know anything about this piece of history”.  It is this type of work that sends me to my computer to research  the actual historical event.  So it is with this book.  I was unaware of the court case that was one of the biggest things to lead up to the Civil War.  The author took a court case from 1842 and built her story around it.  This is the story of Margaret Morgan who was a free woman, married to a free man.  She lived in Pennsylvania.  One day she and her children are kidnapped from their home and sold into slavery.  The men who kidnapped them was tried and found guilty.  However, they appealed it to the Supreme Court.  The decision made by that court set the wheels of the Civil War in motion.  Through the telling of this story we experience with Margaret the selling of her children and the other atrocities she must endure.  We also watch her cling to her faith letting them know that it is the one thing they cannot possess.  I will definitely recommend this to all of the history teachers I work with and to all history buffs.

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