Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Great Mogul Diamond - G.P. Taylor

Publisher: Tyndale
Pages: 304
Genre: Young Adult Graphic Adventure
Source: Review Copy from Publisher
Read For:  What's in a Name Challenge

In this third book in the Dopple Ganger Series we find Saskia and Sadie living with Muzz Elliott.  After over- hearing a phone conversation they determine that someone is trying to blackmail Muzz.  They call and get Erik and Dorcus Potts involved.  While Muzz takes the girls to France on what she calls a vacation, Dorcus and Erik head to France by car.  It is obvious someone doesn’t want them to get there.  But, Why?  Muzz is confronted with crimes that seem to have been taken right from her books.  The girls and Erik must find out who is blackmailing Muzz to steal The Great Mogul diamond before it is too late.  Once again we find the  three kids coming to the rescue with help from Madame Raphael and a man in a pin striped suit.  I look forward to reading the last three books in this series as they come out.  They are good enough to hold my attention.  If you check Amazon it says they are for ages 9 – 12.  I say they are better suited for 12 and up.  I’ve heard many adults say they love them as much as their kids do.  I recommend it whole heartedly as a fun, adventurous, clean book, with a Christian theme.

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