Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hunger - Michael Grant

This review is by Niraj a sixth grader who regularly borrows books from me.  He is a mature and prolific reader.  I let him read this series before I had a chance to and decided I needed to read it as soon as he and his sister finished it.  Enjoy.

The FAYZ is in turmoil and is going into Chaos. There is hunger and starvations everywhere. There are mutant territorial worms taking over melon and cabbage fields. The normal teens are starting to hunt down and try to kill the mutant teens. Everyone is fighting over food and killing their pets to eat meat. Lana Keeps on hearing the darkness telling her to come to it. Caine is getting ready to do something that may not even be to his benefit. Diana is wondering what happened when Caine went to go meet the darkness. Sam is under pressure of being in charge of everything. Astrid has created a council to help Sam. Drake finds a new girl named Orsay in the park ranger's area. They find out her power is to go and see people's dreams. Caine wants to use her to access Sam's dreams. Little Pete is doing weird things where it seems like something is fighting him and he is fighting back. Like when his toy nesting doll Nester is showing up in front of him and turning into something evil. At night he has a bunch of monster in his room that become more realistic by the minute. While mutants are trying to run and hide the Darkness is waking and it is mad.
I would recommend this to 12 and up.  I would do this because it seems more apropriate if it was given to the seventh graders because of some small quick things.  The book is like a book called The Girl Who Could Fly.  I thought it was a good book just exdluding some small tiny parts from the book.

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